Custom Emoji Set Deposit

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Would you like Create With™️ to design an emoji sticker set just for you?

We offer a bespoke set design process for 20 stickers, plus one set representative. 

After your deposit payment is confirmed, Create With will go through the following eight-phase process with you:

  1. Prepare the brief and shortlist designers
  2. Email your final brief to your selected designer
  3. Review the designer’s pencil sketches and email the designer in-depth feedback
  4. Review the designer’s black-and-white outline renderings and email feedback
  5. Review sample colour examples and give in-depth feedback, finalising the palette
  6. Review full colour renderings and give feedback
  7. Sign off contact sheet for the renderings and pay the balance
  8. Once Create With has confirmed the balance payment, Create With will supply the emoji stickers in the specified export formats (e.g. 9 WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, et al.) and the final vector file.

We aim to deliver the set within one month at the earliest, or two months at the most, of your order’s payment being confirmed. This is dependant on the speed of your feedback and the designer’s ongoing availability.

You can view examples of our work on and our custom designs for will strive to match their aesthetic quality.

Before placing your order, please note that given the high costs and bureaucracy involved in making international payments from South Africa, we regret that we cannot offer deposit refunds should you decide to cancel your order and/or halt our set design process.

Please contact us if you have any questions.